Due diligence / Internationalisation

Castellana Detectives has been successfully preparing DUE DILIGENCE compliance reports for national as well as international companies...

Compliance Investigations

The global legislative trend in regulatory compliance, international anti-corruption laws with extraterritorial effects (American FCPA, UK Bribery Act, etc.)...

Internal investigations

Private investigation (carried out by private detectives and with the legal guarantees that are included in the Law 5/ 2014 on Private Security...

Human resources investigation

Aunque la investigación privada puede aportar diferentes soluciones, existen, fundamentalmente, dos tipos de investigaciones consolidadas...

Our firm

CASTELLANA DETECTIVES originated in the year 2002. Since it opened we have become consolidated as the leading private investigation agency, both nationally and internationally.

First Spanish agency specialised in Compliance investigations, we are pioneers in the supplying of solutions of fraud and criminal act prevention and neutralisation in the midst of the company, as well as in the performance of internal investigations in the area of criminal regulatory compliance, which can signify mitigating circumstances of the RPPJ.

From the beginning of our business we have counted on the most recognised professionals of the sector, coming from leading agencies up to the moment, with training in disciplines parallel to private investigation.

Thus, we have achieved providing specialised professional service, demanded by the business sector and the legal profession.

Thanks to this, our progression has been excellent and we have achieved the leadership of the sector, confirmed to us by the valuation of our clients.

We are detectives

We are

The use of Private Investigation techniques such as following, subterfuge or infiltration...

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Innovators of private investigation

Innovators of private investigation

Performing private investigation complying with the minimum level of quality...

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Legal guarantees


All the actions of CASTELLANA DETECTIVES are carried out under the “duty of confidentiality”.

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LOPD eng

 In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and by filling out this form...

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