Internal investigations

Private investigation (carried out by private detectives and with the legal guarantees that are included in the Law 5/ 2014 on Private Security, which regulates this activity), allow providing information difficult to obtain by other means and very valuable for proper decision making, from the precise and real knowledge of what is occurring.

The key of the success is to obtain information discretely with which you can anticipate and defend yourself against aggressions, both external and internal.

CASTELLANA DETECTIVES has expert personnel legally authorised to carry out:

  • Physical surveillance and tracking.
  • Covert operations or undercover approaches.
  • Counter-surveillance services and electronic counter-measures.
  • Infiltrations in places or key posts where relevant information flows that does not reach the management bodies.
  • Gathering of physical and digital evidence.
  • Obtaining of testimonies of third parties.
  • Reputational and compliance Due Diligence of suppliers, employees and executives.
  • Installation of hidden recording equipment.