Due diligence / Internationalisation

Know your clients, know your suppliers, know your employees…know your business partners.

Castellana Detectives has been successfully preparing DUE DILIGENCE compliance reports for national as well as international companies.

The Due Diligence investigations, valid for the contractual and post-contractual phases, have special relevance in the pre-contractual phase of the negotiation.

We belong to an international network, made up of the best investigation firms, compromising of the more than 120 countries.

Castellana Detectives acts in two directions: it provides to the members of the network (or to foreign companies) reports requested on Spanish companies and it coordinates and manages the Due Diligence requests from national companies in their internationalisation processes and business outside our borders.

We issue a standard report of reputational and investigative Due Diligence, which complies with some very competitive parameters, in terms of exigency and costs. In addition, this standard report can be expanded, increasing information on specific aspects in which the client may be more interested.

Our reports intend to comply with the regulations, regarding the application of high ethical standards and they contain:

  • Information on executives.
  • Information on corporate and subsidiary headquarters.
  • Commercial information.
  • Subsidies.
  • Legal disputes and risk history.
  • Red flags, inclusion in black lists and relations with PEPs (politically exposed persons).
  • Local news that may affect your reputation.
  • References of suppliers, clients and sector on compliance and company reputation.
  • Risk-country report including information from local perspective (optional).
  • Analyst’s evaluation.